Chapter 6:
Educating Your Campus
By Felice Yeskel, Ed.D.
(I) Organizing a 
Speakers Bureau
Because heterosexism and homophobia
are so prevalent in our society, knowing
One of the most effective ways to educate
how to educate your campus community
your campus  is to interact directly with
about lgbt issues is a critical skill.  This
members of the campus community.  Let
chapter offers detailed suggestions for
them meet you, see you and know you.
educating your campus about the lives
Research has shown that people who say
and issues of lgbt people through:  (I)
they know someone who is lesbian, gay,
speakers bureaus, (II) educational and
bisexual or transgender are far less likely
other types of programming, (III) film
to be homophobic.  Merely being out and
and video, and (IV) printed materials
getting to know others in your day to day
such as posters and pamphlets.  Com 
life is a form of education.  An organized
pared to other chapters, this one really
way to do this is through a speakers
reads like a cookbook, with numerous
lists of helpful (we hope) tips and ingre 
dients.  Don't let yourself become over 
Why A Speakers Bureau?
whelmed.  We suggest you treat each of
A speakers bureau can be a meaningful
the four numbered sections as a separate
and empowering experience for you in
addition to being a useful form of com 
munity service.  The speakers bureau is
designed to provide a personal perspec 
tive on what it means to be a lgbt person
The section on Speakers Bureaus was adapted from the UMASS, Amherst Speakers
Bureau Manual.  
The section on film and video is an updated version of a 1991 NGLTF newsletter produced
by then NGLTF student interns Bryce Avery, Dorian Harding Monk and Sarah Norbeck.
NGLTF volunteer Ron DeVrou, Marge Brown at Evergreen State College in Washington
and Michael Lumpkin of Frameline (San Francisco) provided valuable assistance, as well.
Updated information for this manual was compiled by Beth Gimbel, intern in the LGBT
Resources Office at UCLA, Amy Goldstein and Scott Meckling of Out on the Screen (Los
Angeles) and Jenni Olson of Frameline.
Many of the posters and flyers appended to this chapter were developed by graduate interns
at the UMASS Stonewall Center (aka the Program for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Concerns).
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s
M     1 1 9


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