L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
___ There is orientation and training for new people at all levels, about heterosexism and lgbt concerns.
___ Education/training on heterosexism and lgbt concerns targeted to each unit exists.
The following units have been trained with respect to heterosexism and lgbt concerns
__Campus Police/Security
__Health Services
__Residential Life Professionals
__R.A. s
__Counseling/Mental Health Services
__Student Activities
__Career Counseling/Placement Services
__New Students Program/Orientation
__Dean of Students
__Teaching Assistants
__Financial Aid
__Other_______________________ __Other__________________________
___ Periodic program evaluations, needs assessments, and audits occur with respect to lgbt concerns.
___ Diversity/multi culturalism statements, explicitly including 
lgbt concerns, are included in all material.
___ Outside consultants with expertise in multi cultural organizational 
development and lgb concerns have  been utilized in this change effort.
___ Community wide education programs on lgbt concerns take place regularly.
___ Educational brochures and posters on lgbt concerns are regularly distributed.
___ Community outreach programs about diversity, inclusive of 
gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, and transgender people have been undertaken.
___ Evidence of support for lgbt students, staff, and faculty, are included in all outreach materials.
___ LGBT concerns are linked to concerns of other traditionally oppressed groups.
___ Creating change with respect to lgbt concerns is viewed 
as a long term effort rather than a one shot deal.
___ There is a special lgbt scholarship fund for students who may get disowned by their families.
___ There is at least one openly identified lgbt counselor at the campus Counseling Center.
___ There is a lgbt Issues Editor on your school paper.
___ There is a special residence hall (or floor) for lgbt students and allies to live.
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