L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
___ Results of this assessment were widely publicized by top administrators.
___ There are openly identified lgbt counselors at the counseling center.
___ There are regular social activities for lgbt students.
___ There is a good selection of lgbt books, newspapers, journals in the library and bookstore.
___ There is a lgbt Studies Program.
___ There is a variety of lgbt Studies courses.
___ There is a plan for action.  It includes the following elements:
__A vision for what the campus can be like that is consistent with its overall goals and mission.
__A set of concrete, quantitative and qualitative short term and long term goals.
__Goals that are incremental and can be reasonably attained.
__A timetable with target dates for the implementation of specific goals.
__A mechanism to monitor progress against this timetable.
__Mechanisms for conflict resolution.
__Responsibility for each task is assigned; 
overall responsibility given to one person on campus.
___ There is leadership from the Chancellor/President demonstrated in practical and symbolic terms.
___ Faculty is involved in all phases of institutional assessment, planning, and implementation.
___ There is involvement of lgbt people.
___ Support exists for lgbt networks, groups, and organizations. 
__ supported with recognition  
__ supported with resources
___ There is mentoring for lgbt students, faculty, and staff.   
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