L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Some groups create a role or position of
It may be difficult to maintain trust if
liaison whose job it is to nurture relation 
the "opposition" tries to play one group
ships with other groups and look for
against another through, e.g., "scarci 
opportunities for cooperation which will
ty" arguments that suggest that if one
strengthen ties.  While it may be valuable
group gains something another group
to have one or two people primarily
automatically loses something;
responsible for this function and raising
these concerns with the group as a whole,
It may take more time, more meetings,
it is important that every individual mem 
more energy to cooperate and/or work
ber of the group find ways to increase
in coalition; and 
intergroup cooperation.  As a group you
may want to place this item on your agen 
It is necessary to be selective about
da regularly, or have a special meeting
who you cooperate or build coalitions
where you talk about strategies for devel 
with.  More is not always better; some
oping allies and building cooperation.
groups don t share enough values and it
will take too much energy to struggle
Benefits of Cooperation
through these differences.
You can increase your power and influ 
Strategies for Building Ties
Produce joint newsletters or give each
other space in your individual newslet 
By pooling information you can devel 
op more effective strategies for institu 
tional transformation;
Co sponsor events, reducing costs for
each group, or co sponsor fundraising
By sharing limited resources you can
stretch them further;
Trade labor on projects, like helping
You may be able to raise more funding; 
each other leaflet or put out a large
You can increase and sustain morale
because you feel less isolated and
alone; and
Celebrate victories together;
Remember to appreciate and acknowl 
There is clear educational value in
edge the work or projects of other
interactions among people of different
groups; send a note, make a phone call,
backgrounds, cultures, religions, eth 
put a message in your newsletter, etc;
nicities, political persuasions, etc.
Costs/Risks of Cooperation
Hold joint training sessions or work 
You may have to struggle against feel 
ings of competition and the sense that
the other groups are benefiting more;
Principles of Coalition Building
You may lose sight of the big picture
USSA s GROW program defines coali 
and argue about small differences;
tion as  an organization of organizations.
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B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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