A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
3. Embarrassment through ridicule and
a. it establishes that you are a force on a
sarcasm are not tactics, per se,  as much
particular issue of concern;
as they are a matter of style.  Use them
selectively to break down the morale of
b. it can educate the community on your
the opposition and build that of your
issue of concern;
c. it can get press for your group and your
4. Guerrilla Theater involves humorous,
theatrical and unexpected entertainments.
Such events are good for morale and for
d. it is a way of showing off your impor 
press, but they have little inherent power
tant supporters who are on the panel;
and are useful only in conjunction with
tactics that show your strength.  Keep in
e. it is a show of numbers; and
mind what your membership considers to
be in good taste;
f. its preparation provides many types of
activities in which your membership can
5. Mass Demonstrations are a good show
of numbers but they are also a lot of
If you attend someone else s hearing,
keep the following in mind:
a. Official hearings usually last hours or
even days and are boring;
b. Limit your participation to the amount
of time it takes your speakers to make
their presentations, then have everyone
c. Avoid appearing at the same time that
an opposition group is present, unless
you want the issue to be presented as a
work.  If you conduct more than one dur 
ing a campaign, remember that each
d. Try to get an appointment for a specif 
demonstration must be larger than the
ic time to testify;
preceding one or your opposition will
think you are losing momentum.  A
e. Combine your testimony with a picket
major problem with mass demonstrations
line or rally, but bring everyone inside
is that they don t lend themselves to spe 
when your spokesperson speaks; and 
cific demands on specific people.  It is
useful to combine them with actions in
f. Have copies of your testimony avail 
which a delegation holds a meeting to
able for the press;
gain a specific commitment from your
target, while the demonstration continues
M a k i n g   C h a n g e     M     1 0 7


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