A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
forums, telephone surveys, informal polls
in the student union, or attending meet 
One of the earliest assessments on lgbt
ings of various groups.  
issues was conducted at the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst.  A report,
Informal assessments happen all the time.
based on the findings, entitled  The Con 
People talk about which dorm is best to
sequences of Being Gay: A Report on the
live in, where homophobic graffiti most
Quality of Life for Gay, Lesbian, and
often turns up, which faculty members
Bisexual Students  was published in
are supportive, what majors you can't be
1984.  It includes the methodology used
out in and so forth.  A more formal
for the research (including the actual
assessment, although time consuming,
questions used), the results (data). It also
includes recommendations for change.
Many other campuses have used the tech 
We need some basic things:
niques developed at UMass, and have
physical safety, adequate
conducted similar research on their cam 
health care, legal protection,
puses.  Other campuses that have con 
role models, images of our 
ducted surveys in recent years include
selves in the media, honor
UCLA, UC, Santa Cruz, University of
and respect for our families.
Minnesota, University of Michigan and
University of Oregon (See Appendix A,
can sometimes be part of your strategy
p. 112, for references).
for making change.  Administrators may
hear stories from students who have
Appendix B, pp. 113 117, contains the
experienced harassment and feel sympa 
UMass questionnaire, which you are wel 
thy, but a formal survey showing that
come to use in determining what exists
70% of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and
on your campus.  There is probably no
transgender students have been harassed
campus that could answer yes to all the
may be harder to ignore.  
questions on this comprehensive survey.   
A number of schools have conducted
How Do We Get From What We
assessments of various kinds and the data
Have To What We Want?
from many campuses point in the same
direction.  Often   and ideally   these
Creating change on campus is a long 
assessments are conducted by a formal
term endeavor.  Besides knowing what
task force set up to examine lgbt issues
you want and being clear on what you
on campus.  The more legitimate the
have, change involves sticking with it
research seems the harder it will be for
over time, maintaining a clear focus, and
campus authorities to ignore the data.  An
developing the necessary support.  In
assessment project may be one you want
general, there are two types of strategies
to get faculty and staff involved with;
you will need to use: educational strate 
some campuses have research offices
gies and power strategies.  Getting action
whose job it is to help with projects of
from your administration, student gov 
this kind.  You can also get copies of what
ernment, or faculty senate often takes
other schools have done so you don't
motivating them in these two ways.  The
have to re create the questions or
first way to motivate them is to make it
easier for them to act through coopera 
M a k i n g   C h a n g e   M     1 0 5


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