L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
inspiring   a song or poem, a powerful
personal statement, success stories, or
acknowledging progress since Stonewall.
Guided Fantasy
Next have the group engage in a brain 
Another way to help people get creative
storming session.  Start with a focused
is to take them through a guided fantasy.
question such as,  What would it be like
First have them close their eyes and relax,
if this campus were truly welcoming and
focusing on breathing and releasing ten 
supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and
sion.  Tell participants that it is ten years
transgender people?  You can focus more
in the future and they have returned to
specifically on different aspects of cam 
campus.  As they walk around they see
pus life, or divide people into small
same gender couples holding hands, they
groups and have each group focus on one
see courses in lgbt studies listed in the
aspect of campus life:  academics, hous 
course schedule book, etc.  Ask them
ing, social life, resources, safety, cultural
what else they see as they go through the
life and so forth.
residence halls, the campus center or stu 
dent union, the gym, classrooms, and the
Brainstorming Technique
names of the buildings.  After you give
Brainstorming is a technique to encour 
them time to think of things, have them
age creativity and to get as many ideas on
return to their breathing and notice where
the table as possible.  Creativity is
they are now.  When they are ready tell
enhanced when evaluation and judgment
them they can open their eyes.  At this
are deferred.  It doesn't matter if it's an
point you can have people pair up with
impractical idea, or seems off the wall.
someone and share their fantasy, or you
Perhaps a seemingly off the wall sugges 
can have crayons and paper and people
tion will make someone else think of
can draw their fantasies.  To close the
something perfect.  You can decide to
exercise, ask people to share with the
brainstorm for 20 minutes and after you
whole group what they've come up with.
are done you can go back and evaluate
what you've come up with.  To get the
What's Wrong With What We
most out of your brainstorming session it
is important to follow the guidelines for
brainstorming.  An acronym for these
Just as it s important to know where
guidelines is B. O. N. D. S. which stands
you want to go, to know what changes
you d like to make, it is important to be
clear about current realities.
One way
Build on other's ideas;
to discover the current situation is to con 
duct an assessment.  There are many
Off beat, creative suggestions wel 
types of assessments.  They may focus on
one aspect of campus life, such as homo 
phobic harassment, what services are
No censoring; 
provided to/for lgbt people, a review of
campus policies, or a review of campus
Defer judgment; and
publications for inclusiveness.  A number
of different methods can be used to con 
Sponteneity a plus.
duct assessments:  paper and pencil ques 
tionnaires, personal interviews, public
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B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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