L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
bians, gay men, bisexual men and
er, members of Queer Nation proclaim,
women, and transgender people is an
 We're Here, We're Queer, We're Fabu 
important first step in the process of mak 
lous, Get Used To It!   It's not that lgbt
ing change.  The next step is expecting
people are now free from harassment, but
the world to treat us well, not just with
what seems possible has changed.  What
tolerance or acceptance, but with delight.
we want has grown.
Since learning to love ourselves and raise
our expectations is a life long process,
we must start to act before we feel com 
The process of coming out
pletely ready.  Speaking up on our own
means recognizing our sexu 
behalf, taking action, and making change
al orientation, ridding our 
are part of this process and will aid us in
selves of these messages
our journey toward liberation.
we've internalized, and
learning to fully love our 
It is not students' responsibility
make change on campus.  Students come
to college to get an education.  The cam 
pus should provide an environment
Sometimes we can determine what we
where all students can feel welcome, be
want by thinking about what we need.
safe from harassment, and learn.  Unfor 
We need some basic things:  physical
tunately, this is not the case for many
safety, adequate health care, legal protec 
groups (people of color, lgbt people,
tion, role models, images of ourselves in
women, Jews, and people with disabili 
the media, honor and respect for our fam 
ties).  However, seriously engaging in
ilies.  We may discover that we need so
organizational change on campus can
many things that it can feel overwhelm 
often be one of the most educational
ing.  The things we want may seem too
experiences students have while in
big.  We can break our visions down into
school.  The skills you learn can be
smaller, more concrete pieces.  We can
applied to many other settings throughout
begin to think about what programs, ser 
your life.
vices, policies will meet our needs.  The
creation of these programs, services, poli 
What Do We Want?
cies, or resources can become our goals,
and we can prioritize our goals so we
What we want is tied to what we can
work toward one thing at a time.  
envision or imagine.
What we can
imagine is tied to what we think we
Another way to discover what we want
deserve.  If we think we are lucky to be
and need is to learn from others.  We can
tolerated we are not likely to imagine
find out what's happening on other cam 
being totally accepted and even celebrat 
puses so that we do not have to re invent
ed for our unique culture and contribu 
the wheel.  We can look to the struggles
tions.  For lgbt people before Stonewall,
and victories of other oppressed groups
the freedom and visibility that exists
(women, people of color, people with dis 
today might have been difficult to imag 
abilities, etc.) to help us imagine what we
ine.  At that point, some brave people put
as lgbt people could have.
their bodies on the line in the struggle to
be left alone.  A quarter of a century lat 
1 0 2
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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