L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
out there, how do you get started?  If you
books, but everything changes so quickly
belong to a college community, see what
that often addresses and site locations can
resources they have available   check
change in a short space of time.  The
with the computer center or get your fac 
NGLTF Campus project is setting up a
ulty advisor or other friendly being to
list of advisors, some of whom are avail 
check it out for you.  What sort of access
able to help you use the resources of the
do they have or provide?  Will they let
Internet.  Check with the Campus Project
your group set up an account or just indi 
Office for more details.
If you run into barriers, try finding a local
Internet provider   there are now many
queer friendly providers, who may cut
you a deal if you explain your predica 
ment.  You could also try checking the
local yellow or pink pages.  Many com 
munity magazines or bookstores can
point you in the right direction.  There is
always the local computer store, but it
can be a good idea to stay away from the
large commercial services.  They may be
more interested in making money than in
providing support to community organi 
zations, and often do not provide full
Internet access.  They may only provide
you with their own services or charge
huge fees to get onto the net itself.  If that
doesn t work it may be possible to work
through a local queer organization or
even a national one.  
Given some of the expense it often makes
sense for groups to work together on set 
ting up a local site.  Whatever your local
success, once you find out the email
addresses of people in key organizations,
you re well on your way to successful
Internet activism.  Many key contacts,
both locally and nationally can be found
through the lists and sites mentioned
Do bear in mind the following: there real 
ly is no substitute for trying to find your
own way around the Internet.  It s worth
taking a look at some of the basic Internet
9 8
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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