A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
they probably think first of email.  It s
ume lists of a few hundred postings a day
why most people want access to the Inter 
to low volume lists of a handful of
net; it s also one of the easiest ways to
announcements per week.
make use of the Internet.  You simply
type the address of the recipient, give it a
See Appendix A, pp. 99 100, for a selec 
title, type the message and hit "send."
tion of lists.
Unless you have a slow server or hit a
time of particularly heavy usage, the
communication should be pretty much
: "MOTSSers On Usenet."
immediate to anywhere in the world.  It is
Usenet news or "the newsgroups," are a
also possible to interact with some Inter 
collection of electronic notice boards and
are probably the second most popular use
of the Internet.  (Strictly speaking
We re here, we re queer, we
"Usenet" is technically a separate net 
have e mail!
work from the Internet, but let s try and
keep things somewhat simpler.) Here
net sites automatically through email,
instead of messages appearing in your
requesting files or an index for example,
mail box you run a program or applica 
if you don t have access to a more sophis 
tion called a newsreader which reads the
ticated method of accessing that site.
list of articles from a news site and pre 
Essentially this is performed by sending
sents them to you in menu form for you
mail to an automated manager.  This is
to chose which ones you wish to read.
especially helpful if your college or
News is useful for holding more public
access provider limits your access to the
discussions and for making general
full range of the Internet.  Any good
announcements.  News can also be read
introductory book on the Internet should
anonymously, an important feature for
cover this method.
those who require secrecy and/or privacy.
A given news site collects news from
Given the ease of using email, many,
many places, thus news sites are pretty
"mailing lists," to which one may "sub 
accurate mirrors of each other, save for
scribe," have been established.  If you are
some local newsgroups which may not be
"subscribed" to a mailing list, then all
available on a wide or public basis.
messages sent to the mailing list address
Many organizations including colleges
are distributed to you and all of the other
can establish their own sets of news 
subscribers.  Mailing lists are used to dis 
groups, which are only accessible within
cuss a particular topic or receive informa 
the organization.
tion about a particular issue.  Subscribing
and unsubscribing merely means sending
As anyone who has browsed the groups
a note with your email address in a spec 
can testify, discussion is often profane,
ified format to the manager of the partic 
reactionary, high volume and rowdy, with
ular mailing list.  Thus each list will nor 
many "flamethrowers," so don your
mally have two addresses, one for sub 
flame resistant suit if you enter the dis 
scribe and unsubscribe messages and a
cussions!  However, discussions can also
main address for posting to all sub 
be educational and supportive.  The trick
scribers.  There are lists for just about
is to find your own tolerance and comfort
every topic under the sun, from high vol 
levels.  For both mailing lists and news 
B a s i c   S k i l l s     M     9 5


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