L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
real strength is in providing basic infor 
"gopher," "telnet," and "ftp" (or file trans 
mation and contacts, and helping to share
fer protocol).  (More on these later.)  You
previous experiences, all of which will
also hear of people "surfing" the World
make your job easier, and give you sup 
Wide Web, cruising across the various
port and a sense of being connected to the
sites of information looking for that
broader lgbt community. In addition to
essential piece of information.
providing access to information and
resources, through the internet and
The World Wide Web
indeed any network, people can work
The WWW is a particular set of comput 
together on projects despite belonging to
er sites on the Internet which play "host"
different organizations or being on differ 
to "hypertext files," which may take the
ent sides of the country or world.  Hence
form of text, sound, graphics, movies and
we may truly have many "virtual" rela 
interactive databases.  These hypertext
files are displayed using a Web "brows 
er."  By telling your Web browser, a pro 
Computer Networks
gram running on your computer, to go to
A network is essentially a group of com 
a particular site and display a particular
puters which are connected together for
file on your screen, you have access to
purposes of performing some common
tasks.  Most organizations and colleges
have a local network as well as allowing
Networking is essential to
connections to the world wide network
the success of any project
known as the Internet. In a basic way, stu 
involving more than one per 
dents may work together on a common
project by physically passing disks from
one to the other.  A physical computer
many documents, which contain links to
connection allows the same sharing of
other documents at other sites, allowing
information by sending it over phone
you to browse from place to place on this
lines or cable connections from one com 
system of computers and documents.
puter to another.  This means we can
The real advantage of these hypertext
share files,  resources and information, all
documents, aside from their multimedia
without leaving our desks.
presentation and glossy look and feel, is
the fact that they are all "cross linked,"
The Internet
meaning that clicking on highlighted
The Internet is the network of computers
parts of hypertext documents allows one
all over the world.  Individual computers
to move to another document referenced
are plugged in to specific "sites" in vari 
by that topic or subject or to another site
ous ways and these sites are then con 
with similar information   all at the
nected to each other, allowing informa 
click of a mouse.  It s rather like reading
tion to move back and forth, not unlike a
several books at once, but only the sec 
fast, efficient and safe post office system.
tions that are relevant to your inquiry or
Common ways of making use of Internet
connections are via (e ) mail or news
(bulletin boards) or, for the more sophis 
E mail and Mailing Lists
ticated user, strange and wonderful pro 
We re here, we re queer, we have email!
cedures which go by the names of
When most people think of the Internet
9 4
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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