A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
set their own limits and everyone has a
right to pass.  Don t pressure either your 
Networking should not be seen as only
self or others to share.
for those who want to be extremely polit 
ical or develop large circles of influence.
Rather, networking is essential to the suc 
cess of any project involving more than
one person.
Networking covers every type of organi 
zational activity from (simply) reaching
out to a fellow student, to connecting
with an advisor or ally, to knowing how
to get the name and address of the local
lesbian comic, to knowing who to talk to
in the NGLTF s Washington, D.C. office,
to knowing the gay and lesbian officer in
the Mayor s office to knowing how sensi 
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
tive the Board of Trustee members are!
(or aren t!).  Computerization makes all
of this easier and simpler, because gener 
ally the information and contacts are
there to be found   you just have to
know where to look!
This section focuses on the topic of net 
working; specifically the use of computer
The Internet, the World Wide Web, local
networks, the Internet and the World
computer networks and general computer
Wide Web (WWW), and their role in all
resources have become essential tools for
types of campus activism. The following
all activist organizing, and networking in
assumes some familiarity on the part of
particular.  Our time is short, our numbers
the reader with the language of computer
are few, our finances are limited, and our
networks and some of the tools available
energy levels and health often suffer from
to the cyber activist.
our dedication and commitment.  How
important then to maximize the resources
There are three distinct groups of people
we do have. 
who use computers: (1) the business
community and other large organizations,
It may not always be possible to complete
(2) the university and college communi 
your entire project on the "net,"  but you
ties and (3) the independent single user,
can often come pretty close.  Progress can
i.e., the queer activist with his/her own
be made from simply sharing a disk of
computer. As our community grows
information with someone whose com 
stronger and becomes more organized,
puter has fax capabilities or access to a
computerized networking is helping us in
laser printer or a modem with access to
all of these areas to be more effective and
some Internet resources.  Or you may be
more efficient.
able to set up a full Internet site for your
group, including a "World Wide Web
Homepage."  Often, however, the net s
B a s i c   S k i l l s     M     9 3


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