L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
blow ups, etc., but don t let them domi 
8) Follow Up
nate the press conference.  Video footage
is especially enticing for television
Clip and videotape your coverage;
reporters; and
Follow up to thank reporters or correct
inaccuracies; and
m. Advance work:  Book spokespersons
in advance on radio and T.V. talk shows.
Try to get articles to appear before the
Send clips with cover letter to local and
state elected officials.  Lobby them
actual event.  If it s a public event or
with the media coverage.  Turn the
demonstration, don t forget the newspa 
pressure on with media advocacy!
per calendar sections.  Place editorials or
opinion pieces.
9) A Don t and Some Do's
6) "Spin"
Don t lie or mislead a reporter.  Never
give out false or inaccurate information
Spin means shaping and influencing
to reporters.  Never wing it.  If you do
the news coverage after the event.
not know an answer to a question, find
How do you want the story to play out
out and then get back to the reporter by
in the media?  In what direction is it
deadline.  They will respect you for
headed?  Suggest story angles to
this.  Media advocacy requires a com 
reporters; gently push them and the
pulsive attention to details;
story in your direction.  Work those
reporters with your key messages!
Do stick to your key messages;
7) Staged Events
Do call the NGLTF Field Department
for more information at 202/332 6483;
Same as a press conference, but more
dramatic, visual and creative.  Have a
microphone for speakers and a press
sign area;
Do shape and influence public opinion
about gay people.
Stage the photo opportunity with good
visuals in mind. Examples: candlelight
(IV) Giving Support
vigils; body outlines on the sidewalk
("A gay man/lesbian was attacked
Giving support can take many different
here"); a giant whistle; and
forms.  Support is one of those things that
all of us need, but we aren t taught how to
Counsel reporters on covering the
give.  Most of us both give and receive
diversity and balance of the crowd
support all the time in the regular course
(some reporters have a tendency to
of our lives.  Basically giving support
focus on just the extravagant elements
means giving someone your receptive,
of our community or on the three anti 
undivided attention and honest feedback.
gay counter demonstrators versus the
It does not mean giving advice, your
300 activists).
opinion, judgments, praise, blame, or
reassurance.  Most people are capable of
9 0
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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