A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
b. Major daily newspapers (local, state,
a. Remember diversity.  Present lesbians,
metro, lifestyle, national sections);
people of color;
c. Television network affiliates (ABC,
b. Pick articulate, "telegenic," media 
savvy spokespersons best qualified to
d. Cable television programming;
c. Include non gay authorities from other
e. Radio news programs and interview
communities (religious, civil rights, acad 
emic, law enforcement);
f. Gay and lesbian press, including cable;
d. If you invite a politician, she or he
must be given an opportunity to speak,
g. Campus media (university newspaper
usually near the beginning;
and radio);
e. Present human interest in the story.  Be
h. "Neighborhood" mini papers; alterna 
sure to brief people who are going to tell
tive press;
their stories about the fact that  going
public  may have negative consequences;
i. Specialty media (Black, Women,
health, legal, etc.); and
f. Ask reporters to hold questions until
the end;
j. Develop good working relationships
with media: This Is Key!
g. The opening speaker should present
news and key messages;
5) The Press Conference and "Advance"
h. Identify speakers; include list of speak 
ers and their titles in the press kit;
Schedule your press conference for
around 10 or 11 a.m., early or mid 
i. Keep statements very brief.  Five min 
week (Tuesday/Wednesday).  Avoid
utes maximum;
Monday, Friday, or on a weekend (bad
news days);
j. Give lots of pithy, quotable "sound
bites."  For example:
The room should be large enough to
"The gay and lesbian community is
accommodate reporters, microphones
under siege, battling an epidemic of
and T.V. cameras, as well as speakers 
hatred and violence;"
table.  Set up table at front, then rows
of chairs for reporters, then space at the
k. Deliver your key messages over and
back for cameras;
over.  Try to ensure that no speaker goes
off message into unrelated territory;
Have media sign in table and log at
front door; hand out press kits;
l. Decorate the press conference with
your banner behind the speakers  table or
Elements of the Speakers Panel:
a podium logo in front of the lectern.  Use
visual aids such as charts, maps, figure
B a s i c   S k i l l s     M     8 9


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