L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Official monitoring of hate violence.
Hand out the press kit to reporters at your
media event.  Deliver the kit to key
c. The lgbt community is resisting vio 
reporters before the event so they are
lence.  We are defending ourselves by:
familiar with the issue   but embargo it
(Announce your plans...see #1, bullet 3).
(get them to promise they won t "scoop"
the news before the press conference hap 
pens).  Courier the kits to no show
3) The Press Kit and Media Advisory
reporters.  Keep extra kits on file for
The press kit should contain:
future list.  Update stockpiled kits with
new information.
a. Press Release including who, what,
where, when, and why (aka, the Five
Media Advisory
W s), plus short quotes.  Summarize the
If you are doing a press conference or
issue for reporters in the press release and
visibility event (e.g., demonstration, can 
write it just as if it were going to be print 
dlelight vigil), send a media advisory to
ed verbatim (which it won t but a well 
invite reporters.  The short advisory
written release will assist your relation 
should inform reporters and assignment
ship with reporters). Include the key mes 
editors of the time, place, purpose and
sages and human examples;
participants in the event.  Mail or fax the
media advisory to reporters, producers,
b. Fact sheet on hate crimes, with gee 
editors, assignment desks, wire service
whiz numbers and data;
managers, "daybooks" for local Associat 
ed Press (AP) and United Press Interna 
c. Fact sheet on your organization and its
tional (UPI), and other media sources at
least one week prior to event. 
d. National perspective to support local
4) The Media
Identify key reporters, editors, produc 
ers, assignment editors, beat reporters,
e. Background Sheet on state or local leg 
editorial writers in your area; and
islative efforts, pending or passed laws,
history of issue, etc.;
f. Contact names and numbers of other
sources/groups (e.g., hotline numbers,
agencies, supportive public officials,
Make a list and update it frequently.
g. Press clips from previous newspaper
Keep a rolodex or computerized data 
stories; and
base with mailing label printout capa 
bility.  List should include name, phone
h. Statements of support from allied
number, fax, address of:
groups or officials.
a. Local/Regional/State Associated Press
8 8
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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