A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Pass local or state hate crimes law;
Call for vigorous official response
(mayor, governor, university president,
police chief, etc.);
Announce whistle/self defense cam 
paign; and
Unveil gay/lesbian anti violence docu 
mentation project.
2) What Are The Messages?
Shape your news into three or four key
messages.  Refine and distill the overar 
ching news themes into concise, essential
messages.  Return to and emphasize the
key messages over and over during inter 
views and in press releases.  For example,
a hate crimes news story might have the
following key messages:
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
a. Violence and harassment against gay
1) Identify The News
men/lesbians/bisexuals is pervasive and
You will certainly announce:
increasing in our community.  There is a
shocking and dramatic surge in anti 
Hate crime report released.
gay/lesbian violence.  The violence is
Other possibilities:
occurring in the context of rising attacks
against Jews, women and people of color.
Dramatic increase in bashings, mur 
All people, gay men/lesbians/bisexuals
ders, other incidents;
included, have the right to live in a soci 
ety free from violence and victimization.
Leveling off of incidents due to work
of AV project;
b. We need a strong, official response to
hate violence...the silence must stop!  We
Dramatic increase in reporting due to
new AV project s work;
Tougher laws against anti lgbt vio 
Increase due to specific hate crime
Recognition, condemnation, response
Initiative to combat anti gay violence;
by civic, political, academic, religious;
other leaders; and
B a s i c   S k i l l s     M     8 7


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