L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
sold, not piled in the corner of your
office.  A raffle is another possibility (if
it's legal in your state); get local busi 
nesses to donate merchandise and sell
raffle tickets.  In this case there is rela 
tively little risk and almost all your ticket
sales translate into profit.  You can also
sell the time or labor of members of your
group; anything from a car wash to com 
puter consulting services can bring in
Follow up
You will want to build on going relation 
message.  You might find yourself in an
ships so that you may call on organiza 
interview situation either on radio, TV, or
tions or people again.  This is more like 
with print media.  Each situation is slight 
ly to happen if you express your appreci 
ly different.  Radio interviews, for
ation for the contributions that were
instance, are typically longer than other
media formats and may involve hostile
questions or comments that are called in
(II) Public Speaking
from listeners.  TV interviews are typi 
cally brief requiring precise and concise
Effective public speakers are essential to
responses, called "sound bytes."  Your
transforming attitudes and behaviors
appearance will also be something to
related to lgbt issues on campus.  An
think about.  When interviewed by the
effective speaker, for instance, has the
press try to have brief replies to ques 
ability to educate the campus community,
tions.  Since most of what you say will
motivate others to join your group or aid
never make it into print, repeat the most
your group s work, and challenge and/or
important points in a number of different
confront opponents. There are many dif 
ways. This will increase the chance your
ferent formats in which public speaking
point will make it into the article.
skills might be needed, each with its
unique characteristics. The following are
Workshop Format
some of the more common formats and
In a workshop format you usually have
characteristics of each.
the luxury of more time, the ability to go
into greater detail, the ability to use visu 
Interview Format
als and/or handouts, and the ability to
An interview will typically be brief.  The
have significant dialogue.  Often you can
focus will often be on answering ques 
build a relationship with the audience so
tions rather than on making a presenta 
they are apt to be more sympathetic.
tion.  It is a skill to learn to be clear about
Typically in this format, such as a class,
what you want to communicate and to
you have a captive audience the presence
use whatever questions you are asked as
of which is not always voluntary. 
vehicles for communicating your basic 
8 2
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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