A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Campus Administrators (Dean of Stu 
Other possible funding sources;
dents, Provost, Vice President for Stu 
dent Affairs);
Brief information on the group, history,
purpose, structure, membership;
Community Organizations;
Past accomplishments of your group;
Local Businesses;
Local Religious Organizations;
Fund raising Events
Local lgbt group;
In addition to requests from donors,
fundraising events can be effective means
Other Colleges and Universities in
of raising funds and they can help to
your area;
build your group as well.  In this way it
may be possible to meet multiple goals
Arts Councils; and 
simultaneously.  Events should be fun
and well organized.  Be clear on your
Local Foundations.
goals, develop a time line, make sure
people are assigned to each task, and
Find Out How to Apply
have someone coordinate the various
Some sources of funds have specific
aspects of the event and check in with
processes for applying for funds.  Find
others.  One important key to the finan 
out early what the process is and how
best to approach a group before asking
Developing a yearly plan or
for money.  Is there one particular person
calendar that shows income
who you must speak to?  Is there a dead 
and expenses should help
line for requests?  Is there a special appli 
make sure your cash flow is
cation form?  Do they need something in
writing?  Is there a specific meeting you
must attend?  Potential sources such as
the student government, local founda 
cial success of an event is getting a lot of
tions, and arts councils want to give mon 
people to attend, and that means good
ey; it s a primary reason for their exis 
publicity   flyers, posters, press releas 
tence.  But they want to give money to
es, public service announcements on the
groups they believe are organized enough
radio, articles in newspapers, announce 
to carry out projects.  Know what you
ments at other events, and chalked graffi 
need to do and do it by the deadlines.
ti.  Possible ideas for fundraising events
include dances, concerts, movies, con 
If you need to put something in writing (it
tests, parties, and auctions.
need not be long), be sure to include:
What you need the money for and why
Another possible source of revenue is
you think your proposed project is
through sales.  You can sell almost any 
thing   buttons, t shirts, flowers, baked
goods, etc.  The key is to get the things
How much you are requesting;
B a s i c   S k i l l s     M     8 1


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