L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
It is useful to write a yearly plan for what
income and expenses should help make
you would like to do and a budget for
sure your cash flow is adequate.  Some 
how much it will cost.  This will give you
times you can get loans if you expect to
(and others) a concrete sense of why you
make the money you need on ticket sales
need funding.
the day of your activity or event.
How Much Money?
Where to Get Money
Whether you need a little money or a lot
Be creative, go wild, get a group of folks
will depend on how much of the above
together and just brainstorm, listing every
you would like to do.  Some groups get a
idea anyone has no matter how seeming 
basic allocation from their student gov 
ly absurd.  You may come up with differ 
ernment or college administration for
ent ideas depending on the
basic overhead costs, and then raise mon 
project/event/need for which you are try 
ey for special events or projects.
ing to raise funds.  Remember, there are
ways to meet needs besides raising cash.
A budget can be pretty simple but at the
For instance, donations (free copying, a
very least it should include two things:
used typewriter, office supplies) and
exchanges (food for your event in
Sources of Potential Income
exchange for an ad in your monthly
(possible income sources may include:)
newsletter) are alternative ways of get 
Basic Budgetary Allocation
ting what you need.  Think of reasons a
Grants (on campus and off campus)
potential donor would want to give you
Donations (Alumni/ae, Faculty)
money, goods, or services.  What's in it
Membership Dues
for them?  What can you offer them?
Event Revenue
Will you give them credit?  Can you put
Sales of Products or Services
their name on a poster, list them in your
newsletter, or ask members of your group
Sources of Potential Expenses
to shop at their store?
(possible expenses may include:)
Develop a List of Possible Funders 
(Here's a generic list as a start)
Your Student Government Association;
Travel (to conferences, for speakers)
Other Student Organizations (Wom 
en's Groups, Hillel and other campus
Sound Equipment (for dances)
religious organizations, Third World
Caucus, Student Union Program Coun 
cil, Distinguished Visitors Program,
When You Need Money
Part of your overall plan should include
when money is needed.  It does not make
Campus Unions;
sense to plan a major event the first
month of school if grants don t become
Faculty or Staff Members;
available until mid semester.  Developing
a yearly plan or calendar that shows
8 0
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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