Chapter 4:
Basic Skills
By Felice Yeskel, Ed.D.
want/need the money for?  Having a clear
reason will help motivate you to raise
This chapter provides an overview of
money; it will also be important to those
some essential  basic skills  necessary
from whom you are soliciting funds.  
for effective campus organizing.  Skill
areas covered below include: (I) Funding,
Basically you will need to know:
(II) Public Speaking, (III) Utilizing the
What do you need funds for?
Media, (IV) Giving Emotional Support,
and (V) Electronic Organizing.
How much money do you need?
(I) Funding
When do you need it?
Funding is very likely important to
Where can you raise it?
accomplishing many of your goals.
Financial resources are needed for a host
of reasons   making leaflets, sending
Why You Need Money
out press releases, bringing in a speaker,
What your group needs money for will
holding a rally, having a concert, buying
depend on its goals.  Most groups need
books for a library, sponsoring a confer 
some money to pay for basics: a phone,
ence, producing a concert, or running a
xeroxing posters, printing brochures or
film series.  The list of possible uses for
newsletters, and ads in the school paper
money in your organizing work is end 
about meetings and events.  Some groups
pay someone to be an office manager,
while other groups maintain a library or
Although many people shy away from
get subscriptions to lgbt publications.
fund raising, it need not be difficult.
Other groups want to put on events such
Fund raising is most successful when you
as dances, movies, workshops, confer 
have well thought out goals, a plan for
ences, speakers, concerts, and theatrical
achieving those goals, and some reliable
people to carry out the plan.  What do you
Parts of the section on 
Using the Media
in this chapter were reprinted and adapted with
permission from the United States Student Association's, 
Access `94, A Student Activist's
Guide to Congress, 
Gupta Bloomingdale, USSA, 1994.  Other media organizing materi 
al was adapted from guidelines published by Robin Kane, NGLTF Media Director.  The
section on 
Electronic Organizing
was written by Boston College graduate student David
Leonard, co founder of New England Network, a regional coalition of lgbt student
groups.  David's email address is
B a s i c   S k i l l s
M     7 9


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