L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
speak.  Ask the Third World Caucus to
ever, it is best to deal with the issue than
jointly sponsor a speaker who is a person
to hope it will go away.  Failure to fol 
of color  or a showing of the film Tongues
low through on commitments, as well as
Untied.  Get the Women's Center or
failure to confront such failures can be
Women's Studies Department to work
very destructive to group trust.  Remem 
with you to bring women speakers.  Join
ber, you can remind people of the com 
with Hillel to feature prominent Jewish
mitments they have made and hold them
speakers, writers or artists.
accountable for these agreements without
being punitive, shaming or blaming.
Coalition Work
You can work with other disenfranchised
Making Agreements
groups to form a coalition group.  This
It is useful to have clear agreements or
new group can work on a common agen 
norms about how the group will operate,
da such as a requirement for incoming
what expectations exist, and what conse 
students to take a course on diversity, or a
quences will happen if expectations are
campus harassment policy, or a hate
consistently not met.  Agreements about
crimes division of campus security.
attendance, communication, confidential 
ity, the number of hours of work per
Support  Other  Issues Visibly
week, etc. are the typical types of agree 
One way to win and develop allies is to
ments that groups make.
act as good allies.  It is important for the
lgbt alliance/group to visibly support oth 
er groups and the issues that concern
them.  It is also important to remember
Failure to follow through on
commitments, as well as fail 
that since there are lgbt people in every
ure to confront such failures
group this is our issue too.  Support can
can be very destructive to
take many forms   letters to the editor,
group trust.
attending events, having a representative
of the lgbt group speak at a rally another
group is holding, having a workshop on
Once the group has made decisions about
the issue, inviting a member of another
what agreements it want to make, it is
group to come and speak to your group
useful to write these down for future ref 
about their concerns, etc.
erence.  It may be useful to give a copy of
prior group agreements to any new mem 
(V) Accountability
bers as part of a new member orientation.
It may also be useful to go over these
One of the major sources of interpersonal
agreements at the beginning of meetings.
conflict and resentment in a group is
Making group norms or agreements
caused by group members not following
explicit allows everyone to understand
through on their commitments.  It is often
how the group operates and makes inclu 
difficult for other group members to
sion and participation easier.
directly deal with the person who has act 
ed irresponsibly.  Sometimes someone
Maintaining Agreements
will feel so guilty about not following
Even though everyone in the group has
through on some task that they will com 
agreed to attend regularly, to be on time,
pletely withdraw from the group.  How 
staff the office phone for one hour each
7 4
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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