A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
for many being Jewish is an ethnicity 
Not openly discussing costs when
and/or culture.
planning a group activity, assuming
everyone has the necessary resources;
Jewish experience in the United States is
very diverse, although all Jews are affect 
ed by anti Semitism.  Although we may
Assuming that someone else should do
the drudge work, so you can be free to
think of Jews as white or middle class, in
do the more creative work;
reality there are Jews of every race and
class, from all parts of the world, reli 
gious and secular.  Many of us equate
Not noticing or relating to the service
workers (janitors, secretaries) around
anti Semitism with the Holocaust.  Since
you   believing your are  entitled  to
that's not happening now we don't see or
their services; 
acknowledge the subtler forms of anti 
Semitism.  Many of us may have rejected
our religious upbringing and can't under 
Generally believing yourself to be
stand why Jews still want to identify with
superior to poor and working class
a  patriarchal  religion.  But Jewish iden 
people; and
tity is more than a religious practice; it's
belonging to a people.  We can acknowl 
Assuming certain communication
edge differences.  Saying or thinking,  It
styles ( polite,   quiet,   non emo 
doesn't matter to me that you're Jewish 
tional ) are superior.
is not a compliment.  We can educate our 
Class differences are often un named and
selves about Jewish experience, history,
un spoken, but this does not mean they
and culture; we often don't learn this in
are un real.  In the U.S. class differences
school, and it is not up to Jews to educate
are obscured.  Many of us grow up think 
us.  Specifically understanding that some
ing we're middle class, when in reality
Jews follow certain dietary rules (keeping
we're working class or upper middle
Kosher), make sure there are kosher
class.  People who don't make it are
options available if you are serving food. 
blamed for their failure, and so often feel
ashamed and bad.  Judging people by
what  status  symbols they have is a dif 
Examples of Classism
ficult habit to break.  This includes judg 
ing ourselves.  We may also judge people
Expecting people to be able to front
money out of their own pockets and get
by how they talk, dress, how much edu 
reimbursed later;
cation they have, or where they live.  We
can be more direct and open about mon 
ey.  We can plan events that take into
Valuing formal over informal educa 
tion; valuing intellectual skills over
account a range of financial situations.
practical skills; valuing head work
We can have sliding scales.  We can inter 
over manual labor;
rupt when people put down or make fun
of poor and working people.  We can con 
sider and evaluate our own sense of enti 
Assuming that working class people
tlement, how this affects the decisions we
are more prejudiced, unintelligent,
make and how we act.
ignorant, homophobic, etc.;
M a n a g i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     7 1


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