A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Assuming the male perspective is the
guage, commit ourselves to gender parity
norm and the female perspective diver 
in terms of leadership, speakers, films,
gent, such as referring to the whole
etc.  We can pay attention to how
group as  gay,  (a term like mankind
 campy  behavior can portray
that's supposed to include women) or
women/females in a negative or stereo 
using the pink triangle (again a symbol
typical manner and challenge that when it
of the oppression of gay men) as the
occurs.  We can pay attention to group
universal gay and lesbian symbol;
process and give feedback when men
dominate discussions or only respond to
Assuming that because you are a gay
other men.
or bisexual man you are not sexist like
other men;
Examples of Racism
Assuming a person of color has a job,
Even though women are a majority of
scholarship, position, etc. because of
the population your group is mostly
her/his race, rather than her/his qualifi 
male with mostly male leadership; and
If one woman objects to something as
Assuming that one person of color (or
sexist, finding another woman who
a few people of color) can speak (or are
will say it's not sexist so that you don't
speaking) for all people of color;
have to deal with it.
Women come from every group, so that
Perceiving people of color as  clique 
there are women of color, Jewish women,
ish  or "segregating themselves  while
poor and working class women, and
overlooking all the times all white
women with disabilities.  Lesbian and
groups hang out together.  Do you
bisexual women are not only targeted
notice a table of African American stu 
because of heterosexism but because of
dents sitting in the cafeteria but not the
sexism too, and sometimes other mani 
many tables of white students?;
festations of oppression.  Many lesbian
and bisexual women may feel more in
Using materials, pictures, posters,
common or more connected to other
magazines, movies, etc. that portray no
women (even heterosexual women) than
people of color;
to gay or bisexual men.  Gay and bisexu 
al men may feel different from heterosex 
Expecting that if people of color want
ual men and want lesbians and bisexual
things to change that it is their respon 
women to see them as allies just because
sibility to tell white people what
of their sexual orientation.  It is important
they're doing wrong; 
for your group to consider whether you
see AIDS as a gay and lesbian issue, but
Backing up white people when they do
rape, sexual harassment, reproductive
or say something racist, and trying to
freedom, research money for breast can 
minimize/discount  that behavior by
cer as women's issues.  All men learn
saying things like,  S/he didn't mean it
sexism and gay and bisexual men must
that way,  or  She/he's really nice,
commit themselves to actively working
she/he's just a little prejudiced,  or  If 
against sexism.  We can use inclusive lan 
M a n a g i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     6 9


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