L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
The following examples are not intended
mother, to a teenager with arthritis, to a
to make anyone feel guilty or bad, but
professor in a wheelchair, to a woman
you may identify some behaviors that
with environmental allergies, to a man
you have done.  All any of us can do is
with AIDS.  Clearly we cannot know
identify our behaviors that may get in the
everything we need to about every person
way and commit ourselves to practicing
with a disability.  But we can be flexible
new and different behaviors that may
and open to learning.  We can respectful 
work better.  This must be an active and
ly ask someone what her/his needs are.
conscious process.  A statement about
We can treat each person with a disabili 
inclusiveness/diversity in your group's
ty as a unique person, and as a whole per 
constitution or mission statement is a
son.  We can teach each other what we
good idea.  
learn.  We can think about issues of
accessibility and work toward greater
Examples of Ableism
accessibility in all our activities.  We can
remember to put accessibility informa 
Seeing a person only in terms of
tion on flyers, press releases, etc.
her/his disability;
Examples of Sexism
Not making eye contact;
Not crediting women's ideas, contribu 
Assuming that one person can and will
tions, or work in discussions with oth 
represent all disabled people;
ers or ignoring women when men are
Scheduling only special activities for
accessibility, rather than making all
Expecting the women to take care of
activities accessible;
certain jobs like taking notes, baking
brownies for the bake sale, and expect 
Seeking disabled people's opinion or
ing women to take care of individual or
input only on matters of accessibility;
group nurturance needs like providing
support, sympathy, conflict resolution,
Assuming that being able bodied is a
more normal or better state than being
Doing something for a woman rather
than helping her learn how to do it;
Being unwilling to recognize your
ableist behaviors, or excusing them;
Referring to hypothetical people,
experts, professionals, directors as
 he,  using sexist language like
Holding lower expectations of disabled
 mankind,   chairman,   freshman, 
people, or only giving people with dis 
 man the table,  and  bitch.   Refer 
abilities work that's too easy.
ring to adult females as girls;
Judging women as pushy, aggressive,
The group of people labeled  disabled 
unfriendly,  bitchy  when they act the
includes everyone from a businessperson
same way as men who you don't judge
experiencing chronic depression, to a stu 
dent with dyslexia, to a visually impaired
6 8
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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