L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
we want to do it.  Let's vote, all in 
how to distribute the flyers at the meet 
favor of _______?; 
ing Tuesday.  If  there isn't any laven 
der paper, Chris will get the flyers on
If you vote and it's close you may want
turquoise or pink. 
to count votes and record the numbers
for, against, abstaining.  If not, you can
do a voice vote:  all in favor say aye,
It is helpful to view conflict
all opposed no.   Sometimes you may
as a natural, necessary and
want to use a secret ballot; and
potentially creative opportu 
nity for individuals and
After deciding, it's useful to have the
recorder read back the decision to be
clear that what's written down is what
the group really wants.
(III) Resolving Conflicts
Step 5: Implementing the Proposal
Conflict will be a part of the process of
every group (or relationship) unless
Many great decisions don't matter
everyone agrees on everything all the
because there's no plan for implement 
time.  This is pretty unlikely.  Therefore it
ing them;
is helpful to view conflict as a natural,
necessary and potentially creative oppor 
An implementation plan involves
tunity for individuals and groups.  How 
answering who will do what by when.
ever, when conflict within a group
If you've decided to go ahead with the
becomes destructive and causes unre 
letter to the editor, and stop there, the
solved hurt feelings, it can destroy efforts
letter won't be in the paper.  Don't
to work together for common goals.
leave things vague.  It won't get done
Unresolved conflicts are a major reason
and people will make assumptions,
why people leave a group and groups fall
develop resentments, get frustrated and
apart.  The skills of understanding con 
think the group is too flaky and drop
flict, waging productive conflict, and
out.  For example, Sue:  I though Mike
resolving conflict are key to building and
was writing the letter   he never fol 
maintaining strong, effective groups.
lows through!   Mike:  I never agreed
to write the letter.  I just said it should
be signed by everyone on the Steering
Guidelines for Resolving Conflict
Committee;  and
Try to differentiate between conflict
A good implementation plan is very
your group can live with and conflict it
clear about who, what, when, how, and
cannot live with; 
sometimes even includes some what
ifs.  For example:  Paul will make a
Try to identify exactly what the prob 
flyer after he gets input from Sara and
lem is and whose problem it is;
Marvin.  He will get it to Chris by Sun 
day morning.  Chris will make 300
Avoid blaming one person or faction
copies on lavender paper for Tuesday
for the conflict.  Everyone wants to be
evening's meeting.  We will talk about
seen as a good person;
6 4
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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