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Follow up After the Meeting
say everything during the evaluation,
or it takes reflection time before some 
Follow up after the meeting is a critical
thing becomes clear;
and often overlooked part of successful
meetings, and successful meetings will
Check in with people who took on spe 
strengthen your group.  Follow up after
cific tasks.  In a light, supportive,
the meeting involves two components:
friendly way remind people of dead 
dealing with the content issues
lines, tasks they took on, etc.  See if
(action/issues) and dealing with the
they need help, information, or sup 
process (feeling) issues.  
If there were tasks that went unas 
Content Issues
signed at the meeting or if you remem 
It is important to take time to reflect after
ber something that didn't get brought
the meeting.  Here are some things to
to the meeting you can call people up
think about and some possible actions to
and ask them if they could do it.  Often
this one to one approach works better
anyway; and
Things to Think About:
If there is a crucial decision that needs
What was accomplished?
to be made, but can't wait until the next
meeting, you can follow your group's
What decisions got made?
interim decision making process.  This
might mean calling an emergency
Are the next steps clear?
meeting, polling a percentage of the
members, calling a meeting of the
Who will do what?
executive committee, etc.  It is impor 
tant to follow whatever process you
Are there any loose ends or unfinished
have agreed to, otherwise this will cre 
business, tasks left unassigned?
ate mistrust in the group, and a feeling
that there is a power elite running
What could be done about unfinished
business before the next meeting?
Who needs what information?
Process Issues
It is important to take time to reflect after
What did other people think about the
the meeting.  Here are some things to
think about and some possible actions to
Things to Do
Things to Think About:
Check in with other people after the
How did the meeting go?
meeting and ask them what they
thought about the meeting.  Getting
What went well and what were the
others' feedback will give you useful
hard spots?
information.  Sometimes people don't
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