A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
The Role of the Note taker/Recorder
the notes so everyone can know who
was at the meeting;
The recorder keeps track of what is
said in the group by writing it down;
It is very important to get down every
decision that the group makes; perhaps
Sometimes it is useful for the group to
these should be starred (*).  In addition
see what is said at the meeting (e.g.,  a
to decisions the next steps or action
brainstorm of possible fund raisers) so
plan should be recorded, as well as
they can prioritize or decide.  In this
who took responsibility to do what.  At
case recording what was said on a
the end of the meeting it may be help 
chalkboard or on a big piece of paper is
ful for the note taker to read back the
most useful;
starred (*) items and who agreed to do
what so that the group members can
Notes often are taken in a notebook so
make sure they are clear on the deci 
that an on going record of a group's
sions they made and what responsibili 
decisions, plans, ideas, issues, etc.
ties they have, or that the recorder has
exists.  It is useful for everyone in the
been accurate in what she/he has
group to know where the notebook is
so that if necessary it can be referred to
between meetings;  
It is often helpful to write down the gist
of a discussion, especially when there
Sometimes a group will want the notes
is disagreement;
of a meeting (also sometimes called
minutes) copied and distributed to
A good note taker can synthesize and
group members right after a meeting.
organize material in a visual form
This is especially helpful for group
(lists, charts, outlines);
members who missed a meeting.  If
minutes are to be sent out, getting them
out as soon after a meeting as possible
The job of recorder contains a certain
amount of power, since what's record 
is best (email makes this extremely
ed can influence how the group per 
easy). Minutes can also announce and
ceives itself, its agreements, goals, etc.
remind folks when the next meeting
It is an abuse of that power to not accu 
will be held.  It is still a good idea to
rately record ideas/decisions that are
have one official group notebook
contrary to your own beliefs.  It is
which contains a copy of all the min 
important to try and be as  objective 
utes, even if each member gets her/his
as possible;
own copy;  
Take notes neatly or re write/type them
The group recorder can't take down
after the meeting; and
every word that is said at a meeting, so
part of the job is to decide what to
record, which details are important and
Include information about the next
meeting (when and where) and who
which are not;
will facilitate in case anyone has some 
thing they want to get on the agenda.
It is often useful to send around an
attendance sheet and include this with
M a n a g i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
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