Chapter 3:
Managing Your Group
By Felice Yeskel, Ed.D.
ed.  Holding successful meetings is not
magic!  There are a number of concrete
skills you can learn and practice that will
There are many important skills involved
help your meetings go well.  This section
in managing your group.  Having a group
will lay out some of the basic skills for
that works well together and gets things
running good meetings.
accomplished is essential to improving
the quality of life on campus for lgbt peo 
Basically there are 3 parts to successful
ple.  Some key skills you should have in
order to help achieve such a group
include the following:  (I) holding suc 
1) What Happens Before the Meeting
cessful meetings, (II) making and imple 
menting effective decisions, (III) resolv 
ing conflicts, (IV) being inclusive and
2) What Happens During the Meeting
welcoming of diversity, and (V) holding
Facilitating + Note Taking
group members accountable.
3) What Happens After the Meeting
(I) Meetings
Follow up
In order to get things done, from holding
Planning a Meeting
a dance to creating a Lesbian and Gay
Studies Program, you will need to partic 
Some basics include:
ipate in many meetings.  How well your
meetings go will make a big difference in
Where and when you will meet
both the group's morale and accomplish 
ments.  If your group's meetings are a
What space will be most inviting to
drag, fewer and fewer people will attend.
those you want to attend? 
If your group's meetings are fun and pro 
ductive, however, then people will stay
Does it feel like a safe space for folks
committed and new folks will be attract 
 in the closet? 
The section on meetings was based on "Running Meetings: Training Materials for Public
Housing Tenant Organizations," by Anne Slepian,   1990.
The section on diversity was based on "Building Bridges: Breaking Barriers" published
by S.C.E.R.A. (the Student Center for Educational Research and Advocacy) at the Uni 
versity of Massachusetts.
M a n a g i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     5 5


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