L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
date in order to exercise leadership, to
Task Functions/Roles
take initiative, and to make decisions.
Preparing an agenda;
Many groups are realizing that having "a
leader" doesn t work well for them.
Recommending goals or objectives;
Everyone else may withdraw and expect
"the leader" to do it all.  There is too
Framing key questions or defining
much pressure and responsibility for one
person to handle so leaders get burned 
out.  What is the alternative to one bur 
Problem solving and offering solu 
dened leader or no leadership?  Shared
leadership or group centered leadership
are useful leadership models.  According
Providing and clarifying information;
to these models, leadership is seen as a
set of functions or roles that can be ful 
Moving the group to act or make
filled by anyone in the group (the more
the merrier) rather than a personality trait
of one individual.  These functions can
Keeping track of decisions and infor 
also be rotated over time.  
In general there are two major types of
Offering opinions and asking for oth 
functions or roles which must be fulfilled
ers  opinions;
in order for a group to function well.
These are task and maintenance func 
Summarizing and offering conclu 
tions/roles.  The task functions relate to
the content of your group s work, while
the maintenance functions relate to the
Elaborating by giving examples or
process of your group s work.  Task lead 
explaining; and
ership is the kind of leadership that gets
tasks accomplished.  Maintenance leader 
Asking questions to gain relevant
ship is the kind that attends to the emo 
tional well being of the individual mem 
bers and the group as a whole.  Task lead 
Maintenance Functions/Roles
ership can get things done, but may alien 
ate people in the process.  Both func 
Welcoming and introducing people;
tions/roles are essential for every group
and must be in balance.
Actively listening to others' ideas,
paraphrasing other speakers;
The ability to perform both task and
maintenance functions is not hereditary;
Making sure discussions are inclu 
it is learned.  A good leader can assume
many of these functions, and most impor 
tantly, can tell which function is neces 
Facilitating communication by
sary in each situation.
encouraging quiet or shy people to
speak up or making process sugges 
3 6
B u i l d i n g   A   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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