L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
People are more willing to begin things
Do not apologize or belittle it.  Your
they know they can do. Later, when they
mood will get across to the people you
are really a part of your group, they will
talk to, and they will respond to it.
be more willing to try new things.
5) Do I tell people how their job fits in
with the rest? 
People want to understand things that
they are a part of, and they work best
when they know that others are depend 
ing on them.
6) Do I let people know that their work is
If people feel that you are just "looking
for anyone" they will also feel easily
replaceable and less responsible for doing
a job. 
Four Stages of Group Involvement
7) Do I discuss people s goals with them
In order to be truly healthy, an organiza 
and how they fit into the goals of the
tion needs people at all four of the fol 
lowing stages of group involvement.
People have their own reasons for volun 
Good leadership will help people grow
teering, and you need to know them in
from one stage to the next:  
order to lead effectively. Also, you must
help people keep their expectations real 
Passive Supporters
istic, otherwise you will not be able to
Passive supporters are people on your
meet them.
campus who are glad your organization
exists.  They may never once come to a
8) Do I ask people what they would like
meeting or an event, stop by your office,
to know?  Do I give them time to ask
or sign a petition.  They may very well
not yet be out of the closet.  However,
Many people are reluctant to ask ques 
just the existence and visibility of your
tions, but they will work better if they
group can make a big difference to them.
have done so.
It might help them to feel a bit better
about themselves or be reassuring.  
9) Do I make my contacts in person? 
Do not rely on printed circulars, letters
and phone calls. There is no substitute for
talking face to face.  It lets the person
Attendees are those who may come to
know that you consider the discussion
meetings or events, but they don t get
important, and it gives you a chance to
involved in the work of the group.  They
get acquainted 
don t (yet) take on tasks.  Many lgbt stu 
dent leaders can t understand how they
10) Am I enthusiastic about the impor 
can attract a few hundred people to a
tance of our work? 
3 4
B u i l d i n g   A   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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