A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Lack of Interest.  Not interested in
Other common concerns
what?  Find out what is interesting to
people.  What touches their life?
No Time.  Explain that everyone is
Chances are, they could help create a
very busy, and even a little amount of
committee based on this interest  
time (half an hour  per month) can be
volunteering in local AIDS service
a big help to the lgbt student group.
organizations, a support group for
Find out what kind of time they do
lgbts of color, a lgbt skiing weekend,
have and suggest a job to match it.  If
etc.; and
they have 10 minutes here and there,
they might help with postering.  If
they have a few hours each month,
Sexual Orientation Issues.  If you lis 
ten you ll often discover that some
maybe they could work on the
people don t feel okay about being
lgbt.  Like all of us, they have inter 
nalized the homophobia in our soci 
Personality Conflicts.  Help people
ety.  Sometimes getting more involved
find ways to be involved without hav 
and hanging out with lgbt people is
ing to work with people they dislike.
important to feeling better about our 
There are always tasks people can do
selves.  Feeling proud of being lgbt
on their own.  They can work as part
can be a wonderful by product of
of a committee or start a committee
with people they do like.  Find out if
there is a specific conflict you could
help clear up;
Personal Check List Of What I m
Doing To Get  More People Involved
Misunderstanding the lgbt Group.  If
you listen you may discover people
1) Have I been asking people to help? 
are reluctant to get involved because
Do I ask new and different people to do
they have mistaken ideas.  They think
things or do I depend on the same old
the group is just a social club.  They
think it s "too" political, and everyone
plays "more politically correct than
2) Do I make people feel welcome?
thou" games.  They think it s male 
Do I huddle with my friends or talk to
dominated.  Help them understand the
new people at the beginning of meetings?
group s goals and purposes.  Even if
Do I volunteer to do things with different
the group isn t evolved in one area yet,
people or the same old ones?
tell them you re open to growing in
that way and that they could be a big
3) Do I make clear what job I am asking
people to do? 
Be sure that the job has a definite begin 
Impatience With Meetings.  Find
ning and end.  People do not want to sign
ways for people to get involved with 
up for life, so do not get them to over 
out having to go to the meetings.
commit themselves.
Have them take tickets at a dance,
mail out press releases, staple
4) Do I ask people to do things that I
newsletters, etc.;
know they can do well?
B u i l d i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     3 3


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