A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
poster for the dance, since you live off
Help Committees Carry Out Their
campus I thought you might easily 
Jobs.  Often people say yes to joining
poster downtown."  Or:  "Brian would
a committee, but they really don t
you be up for joining the membership 
understand or know what to do.  So in
committee, since you re relatively new
this case the "group builder" needs to
to the lgbt group I thought you might 
be a coach.  Here are some things the
have good suggestions for how to be 
coach can do:
more welcoming to other new folks."
Once you have one or two people who
have agreed to take on a job, you can ask
if there are additional volunteers at a
meeting.  It s much easier to say, "Jackie,
would you stand up? Jackie will be pos 
tering downtown tomorrow anyone want
to work with her on that?" or "Brian has
agreed to work on new member orienta 
tion; are there a few others that will join
him Wednesday night to talk about how
to make newer folks feel more welcome
in our group?;"
a. Help the committee set up a first meet 
ing.  First get them to set an agenda.  If
Listen to People s Needs and Con 
there is no designated convener, chair or
cerns.  Usually people have concerns
contact person, help one be chosen.  Help
about accepting a job.  How much
the committee clarify its goals and tasks.
time will it take?  Will this push me to
At the meeting make sure they decide
be more "out" than I m ready for?
who will do what so that each person has
How long is this commitment for?  Do
a clear and do able task.
I know enough to handle the job?
Who else is working on this task with
b. Make arrangements to check in with
me and do I like them?  Will my room 
the committee chair or some designated
mate find out I m gay?  Do I have to
person once a week to see how things are
work with my ex lover?  Will I have to
going.  Make sure you are friendly and
do things that are uncomfortable?
supportive and not acting like a watchdog
These concerns are not excuses; they
or judging their progress; 
are real concerns you need to respond
to and answer.  Often people will not
If people don t follow through on their
state their concerns directly, so you
tasks, don t give up on them angrily
will have to listen carefully to under 
and decide they re useless.  Instead
stand the underlying reason someone
find out what happened and encourage
is hesitant.  If you can answer their
them to try again.  Unexpected things
concerns, great.  If you can t, and the
come up; school work is often the pri 
job isn t right for them, accept their
ority.  Help others on the committee
"no" graciously;
develop a forgiving and encouraging
B u i l d i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     2 9


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