L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Ways to involve people:
planning an event, chairing a meeting,
etc.  People feel involved when what
Name your "Group Builders."  Find a
they do matters to them, when they are
couple of people in your group who
engaged in a meaningful activity.  In
are good at coaching people and sup 
big meetings individuals rarely feel
porting new folks, and make it their
like they matter.  But when a person is
recognized role to help the group.
part of a small working group, and the
Some people already have the skills
group is counting on her or him, then
and personality to reach out and get
the person knows s/he makes a differ 
people involved.  Guilt and criticism
ence.  A committee is any small group
do not get people involved.  Getting
of people (ideally 2 6 individuals) that
people involved generally requires
takes on a specific task/role.  Some
slow, patient, persistent, one to one
typical committees in lgbt campus
organizations are:  (1) Social, (2) Edu 
cation, (3) Membership, (4) Diversity,
(5) Finances, (6) Publicity and Out 
reach, and (7) Political Action.  Any
two or more people working together
to accomplish something for the group
may be called a committee.  It is use 
ful to name committees because it
helps people to feel that the work they
do matters and is taken seriously by
others.  It is useful to have one desig 
nated committee chair, convener, or
contact whose name and phone num 
ber are available;
Photo   Alex Zaphiris
encouragement.  Someone has to take
Recruit One to One.  Many leaders
make the mistake of asking for volun 
the time to listen to people, find out
teers in a big group during a meeting.
their interests and abilities, and give
"Who wants to put up posters for the
them jobs to do for the group.  Often
dance?"  (Silence.)  This silence drags
people need to start with jobs that are
the whole group down.  Everybody s
simple, small, and one time responsi 
hopelessness surfaces ("No one ever
bilities before they will take on bigger
wants to help") and for leaders there is
commitments.  Often the outspoken
also isolation ("I m the only one who
leaders of a group are not great at get 
ever does anything").  Instead of ask 
ting other people involved.  It s just not
ing for volunteers in the group, think
their strong suit;
about who might be good for the job,
ready to take on such a challenge, and
Create Committees.  People do not
ask that person personally and private 
feel involved by sitting passively at a
ly.  Say specifically what you are ask 
meeting.  They feel involved by doing
ing her/him to do (what s involved)
something   making a phone call,
and why you think s/he would be good
writing a letter, hanging up a flyer,
for it:  "Jackie would you like to help
2 8
B u i l d i n g   A   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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