A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
cess.  Getting the administration to 
ments.  Make certificates of apprecia 
meet with you about your concerns is
tion and give them to anyone who
a success.  If you notice each success
helped in any way; and
along the way, you will have lots more
energy to keep moving toward your 
Day to day, remember to notice what
bigger goal;
people do and thank them for their
contribution.  It s important to notice
Ask people about their personal suc 
and acknowledge the little things as
cesses.  Notice the good news in the
well as the big things.  This also helps
lgbt press and spread the word.  Clip
to increase motivation to do more.
articles and make a "Good News
Newspaper" by compiling your clips.
If you don t inspire lgbt students most
Publish it once every six months or
people will continue to be immobilized
once each semester; and
by hopelessness.  You hear it all the time:
"you can t win," "why bother to try to
Call up other lgbt groups in your
change things?"  "you can t fight City
community, on other campuses, or
Hall," "it takes so much effort for so little
national organizations and ask them
progress," or "this administration is so
to tell you a few brief stories about
homophobic, we ll never get anywhere!"
their accomplishments.  Almost every
If you consistently inspire lgbt students
right we have   the right to be a rec 
slowly people will begin to realize that by
ognized student group, inclusion in
working together you can accomplish
non discrimination policies, domestic
partner benefits, the passage of the
gay rights laws in various states, a
If you notice each success
million people marching in Washing 
along the way, you will have
ton supporting lgbt people and rights,
lots more energy to keep
etc.   was won by groups of people
moving toward your bigger
organizing and working together like
your lgbt group.
Celebrate Successes
things, that you can make changes.  You
will feel more energized and hopeful, and
Any time your lgbt group reaches a
that feeling will spread.  You will feel
goal, make it news.  Put out a flyer,
more connected to a wider movement,
hold a press conference, hold a rally.
less isolated, and learn from others  suc 
Make it clear that your lgbt group
helped to make this happen.  Don t be
bashful.  Unless you do this most folks
on campus will have no idea that your
group accomplished anything.  Make
Give people the individual help and
it a habit to DO THIS FOR EVERY
attention they need in order to get active
and stay active with your lgbt organiza 
Hold an awards dinner/banquet and
use the occasion to recognize people
for their involvement and achieve 
B u i l d i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     2 7


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