L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
meetings and events regularly listed.  
Put table tents on the tables in your
Ask for regular coverage.  Ask for a 
dining halls;
weekly lgbt community forum;  
Ask sympathetic faculty to make
Use campus radio stations and local
announcements in classes.  If you give
cable TV stations.  Let yourself be
sympathetic faculty a written
interviewed.  Create events to get
announcement this will increase the
media attention.  Find an angle that
chances that they will remember to
would make the media interested in
actually make the announcement; and
what you typically do.  What you do is
interesting.  Learn how to frame your
work to attract the most attention;
"Underground Tactics"   stickers,
wheat pasting, graffiti, chalking, etc.
Some students have found these to be
Use street theater and street speaking
effective at getting attention.  Unfortu 
to inform passersby.  While this may
nately some of the attention is nega 
be scary, it is one way to reach people
tive and may create a backlash.
who may not know of your existence
Chalking is the least permanent of
or what you re doing.  Humor and dra 
these methods and so might sit easiest
ma can help to attract attention.  This
with the campus administrators.
can also be a fun activity for "out"
Maybe these tactics can be used as a
group members;
last resort when you know that your
posters will be torn down or defaced.
Hold a rally, demonstration, or festi 
val.  Get balloons, make signs, sing
songs, hold hands, have fun.  Sponsor
a speak out, a vigil, a march, a Queer 
Fest.  You might do this to celebrate
What it means to inspire lgbt students:
National Coming Out Day on October
Let lgbt people on campus know about
11th, during Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
every success of your group.  Spread the
History Month in October, or during
news of successes from individual peo 
June to commemorate the Stonewall
ple s lives.  Spread news of accomplish 
Rebellion and lgbt Pride Month;
ments of other lgbt organizations or from
the wider lgbt movement.  Help people
Hand out leaflets or set up an info
feel part of something bigger than them 
table at busy intersections on campus.
selves, or even bigger than your lgbt cam 
It is useful to be visible regularly, not
pus organization.
just on special occasions.  If possible,
spend a few hours a week staffing a
Ways to do it:
table in a prominent location, such as
lunch time in front of the dining hall
Find Successes
or Student Union Building.  Have
Every step toward a goal is a success.
brochures about your group, resource
Having a good meeting is a success.
guides, your newsletter  and flyers for
A new person coming out is a success.
up coming meetings and events.
Understanding your group s prob 
Have a sign up sheet for interested
lems/issues is a success.  Having new
folks attend your meetings is a suc 
2 6
B u i l d i n g   A   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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