A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Make a brochure describing your
group and distribute it widely;
If you consistently inform lgbt students
people will respect your lgbt group and
Make a pamphlet listing the lgbt
view it as an important resource.  Your
resources on campus and in the local
group will improve the quality of life for
many lesbian, gays, bisexuals, and trans 
gender people on your campus.  You will
Set up an outreach program, for
be working against those two dread con 
instance, a speaker s bureau, and get
ditions for lgbts   isolation and invisi 
out into the residence halls and into
classes; and
How to Inform
Meet with the editors of your campus
paper to explain what kind of cover 
Getting information out about lgbt con 
age your community needs.  You
cerns is not always easy.  Still there may
might ask for a weekly lgbt communi 
be creative ways of sharing information
ty calendar, forum, or column.  You
that haven t been tried.
might ask for a special lgbt Issues Edi 
Make a monthly lgbt newsletter or cal 
tor to make sure there is adequate
endar.  This can really help your orga 
news and feature coverage of our
nization.  It can give your group a real
presence and identity in the wider
community, it can increase your legit 
imacy, and it can help folks connect
with you.  A simple newsletter/calen 
dar can be a task taken on by one per 
son or a committee but, of course,
more is always better.  The basic steps
1) Gather ideas/events 
2) Write the articles
3) Put it together
4) Make copies
5) Distribute it widely (post to email);
Use your school paper; it s there to
serve all students and it has a broad
If you don t inform lgbt students most
distribution and readership.  Insist that
people won t understand what the pur 
your school newspaper makes sure
pose of the lgbt group is or what it does.
that there are reporters to cover the
Much of your group s work may seem
lgbt "beat."  Keep in touch with who 
irrelevant to other lgbt folks if they really
ever is assigned to this beat (you may
don t know all that you do.  LGBT people
have to find a volunteer to be a
may not know their rights, the campus
reporter) and let them know what s
policies or grievance mechanisms, or that
happening with the community.  Make
any help is available.
sure you get announcements of your 
B u i l d i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     2 5


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