L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Apologize or scold your readers, or
a few major national lgbt publications,
make the meeting sound boring.
Appendix A, pp 39 40, contains some
sample flyers.
Subscribe to some lgbt user groups or
bulletin boards on the Internet (See
Chapter 4,  Basic Skills,  on page 79,
for tips on Electronic Organizing).
This is a great source of up to date
Continuously get useful information to
information.  It is also a great way to
lgbt people on your campus.  This infor 
get timely answers to questions you
mation may include:  what your organi 
might have;
zation is and what it does, what someone
should do if they get harassed, communi 
ty resources   locations of the good
Collect information about what s hap 
pening for lgbt people on other cam 
places to go to dance, hang out, have fun,
good doctors to see at the campus health
services, who in the administration is
sympathetic to lgbt issues, what lgbt
Collect information about what other
organizations/groups are in the area,
agencies have to offer the lgbt com 
good courses/professors, etc.
munity; and
Ways to Inform LGBT Folks 
Collect names and addresses of inter 
ested folks on campus for a confiden 
Collect Information
tial mailing list.
Ask students about their experiences
with various support agencies on cam 
Share Information
pus and in the local community;
Create a monthly or quarterly news 
record this information;
letter (see samples from the Universi 
ty of Pennsylvania and UMass,
Ask students what information and
Amherst, Appendix B, pp 41 54);
skills they have to share; record this
Get a bulletin board in a central loca 
tion (ideally under glass), and update
Ask college administrators for copies
it monthly;
of regulations and policies concerning
homophobic harassment and discrimi 
Invite in guest speakers, show films
nation, AIDS, domestic partnership,
and videos, sponsor workshops;
ROTC, etc.;
Start a lending library, ask for dona 
Talk to your reference librarian; see if
tions, lend out books, newspapers,
the library is open to setting up a lgbt
Campus Archive;
Get your school library and bookstore
Subscribe to local lgbt publications,
to start carrying more lesbian, gay,
and clip and save articles of interest to
bisexual, and transgender materials;
the campus community.  Subscribe to
2 4
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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