A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
exists if you don't invite them.  You may
Make the date and time stand out:
be accused of being a closed group or a
clique.  You will be out of touch with
  Only put in the necessary infor 
what other lgbt folks need or want.  You
won t really be representing the con 
stituency you re trying to reach.
Ask clearly and directly for what you
If you do consistently invite lgbt people
you will be fulfilling one of the basic
Be persuasive; 
requirements of a democratic group.
People will know the group exists.  You
Appeal to the reader s self interest;
will give others the option of checking
your group out.  But remember, most
Make clear why this is so important; 
people do not get involved just by being
invited.  Active members often get  con 
Explain enough so that everyone can
fused and angry about this.  It is easy to
understand; and
become upset when their invitations
alone do not bring people out to the meet 
Double check before you get it out:
ings.  It is also frustrating when people
come to the meetings, but no one volun 
  Does it include date, time, loca 
teers for any of the tasks.
Even though inviting is not enough by
  Is there a phone number to call
itself to get people involved, inviting is
for more information?
the essential first step! 
  Is it clear who the flyer is from?
How to Make a Leaflet
  Are the copies clear and read 
Catch people s attention through:
Don t!
Make it drab or like every other flyer;
  Big Bold Titles
Crowd in too much information;
  Handwritten Captions
Use jargon or fancy words;
  Bright Colors
Make your flyers look the same week
after week, month after month;
  Catchy Wording;
Assume your readers know what
you re talking about; or
Make it clear in one glance what you
want from your reader;
B u i l d i n g   Y o u r   G r o u p
M     2 3


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