L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
activities and invited to take part. They
notices/leaflets announcing your meet 
should be personally invited to take part
ings.  Put them all over campus   in the
whenever you know who they are.  That s
residence halls, dining halls, classroom
what it takes to keep your group alive and
buildings, student union, bus stops, etc.
well over the long haul; that s what it
Some campuses have special places to
takes to help your organization to grow.
put announcements that are protected by
And that s what this section is about.
glass; try to get your flyers posted there.
There are no guaranteed formulas, but the
Put announcements in your school paper
following suggestions may be helpful to
and in papers serving the surrounding
community by sending out press releases
and calendar listings.  Send Public Ser 
In general there are four basic stages of
vice Announcements (PSA s) to your
involvement and four basic steps/skills
campus and surrounding radio stations.
that will assist you in your goal of help 
Get your lgbt group listed in your campus
ing people move through these stages
telephone directory.  Ask sympathetic
leading to the building and maintenance
faculty to announce meetings in classes.
of a healthy group or organization.  
Ask sympathetic residence hall staff to
help get the word out. 
As a leader you must make sure that the
following happen:
This section describes what each of these
mean, why they re important, and how to
do them.  Also covered are the functions
of leadership, the stages of group
involvement, and the qualities of a well 
functioning group.
Explain to people what will happen at the
Let all lgbt people on your campus know
meeting, why it s important, and encour 
that your group exists, what the group is
age them to attend.  Tell people it s fine to
doing, and how they can get involved if
come to a meeting to just check it out,
they want to.
without making any kind of commitment.
Talk to everyone that you know who is
When you hold a meeting, get the word
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or
out.  This can be an especially difficult
questioning their sexual orientation.  Tell
challenge to lgbt groups.  Since we are
heterosexual allies to help spread the
everywhere, but mostly not visible, it is
word too.  Personally invite as many peo 
often hard to know how to communicate
ple as you can.  Talk to people one to one;
with other lgbt folks.  Use multiple meth 
this can make a real difference.
ods, since no one method will work for
everyone.  Even though they are likely to
If you don t invite lgbt people:  Most lgbt
be ripped down or defaced, put up
people won t know that your group even
2 2
B u i l d i n g   A   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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