A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Subgroups may establish guidelines for the use of their space.
All subgroups must honor the Constitution of the LBGA.
The Advisory Board will provide for mediation services in the case of
major conflicts within a subgroup.
The Advisory Board is the governing body of the LBGA.
The Advisory Board consists of the following, one of whom will be a liai 
son to the Program for Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Concerns.
* Facilitator/Meeting Planner
* Office/Financial Manager
* Political Caucus Chair
* Social Chair
* 2 Co Diversity Chairs
SECTION 3: Responsibility of individual Advisory Board Members are as follows.
Facilitator/Meeting Planner
works for efficient and fair running of
both Advisory Board meetings and Infosocials. This person also plans
workshops, videos and speakers for the  topic  part of the Infosocial.
Office/Financial Manager
is responsible for purchase orders and bud 
get reports to both the LBGA and outside organizations, as financial
manager. As office manager, this person organizes the office, registers
members and helps coordinate the 1 in 10 project. This position has sig 
nature responsibility and is a paid position.
Political Caucus Chair
chairs the political caucus, which serves as a
watchdog group for campus political activities. This person is also the
LBGA liaison to the SGA and the Administration. The chair also coor 
dinates LBGA endorsement of elections and ensures adequate GLB rep 
resentation on Campus committees and task forces.
Social Chair
organizes dances and other amusing diversions. The social
chair also assists other Advisory Board members with the social aspects
of their programs. This person has signature responsibility.
Co Diversity Chairs
maintain contact with other RSO's to foster com 
munication, build coalitions with other progressive groups, and plan
programming which addresses common issues and interests. These peo 
ple also serve as a watchdog of the LBGA to ensure that issues such as
accessibility and diversity are not neglected by the LBGA.
All Advisory Board positions are nominated at an Infosocial and elected at
the next Infosocial. Nominations and elections are held in the Spring
semester of each academic year.
A p p e n d i x   A :   S a m p l e   C o n s t i t u t i o n
M     1 9


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