L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
First, the one or two people in the pow 
tage them or simply withdraw from the
er/decision making positions often get
group.  Being in charge in this way is a
burned out quickly.  If you try to do
lot of responsibility and it can be an
everything yourself instead of utilizing
extremely hard position to be in.
others, you will not last very long.
Remember that a good leader is able to
If you choose to have your group set up
see the potential of individual group
hierarchically, you must be careful that
members and will use that information
you are still meeting the needs of the
for the good of the group. 
individuals who make up your group.
ALL of the individuals who make up
Second, you must consider who is in the
your group.  Additionally, your group
power positions.  Who are these one or
should think of ways that you can reach
out to under represented populations and
those who are not currently in your
Your group should think of
group.  Can you create additional posi 
ways that you can reach out
tions which will give some decision mak 
to under represented popu 
ing power and influence to minority
lations and those who are
group members? 
not currently in your group.
Appendix A, pp 17 20, contains informa 
two people who are making decisions for
tion about constitutions and an example. 
the good of the group?  Are they really
making decisions for the good of the
group, or to further their own personal
Typically in this model, there is a group
agenda?  Are they truly representative of
of individuals who are the governing
the group in terms of race, gender, inter 
body and decision makers of the group.
ests, etc.?
Ideally, the members of this steering
committee are representative of the mem 
How was it decided that these people
bers in the group.  This set up can allow
would be in charge?  Was there a vote
for more diversity and greater representa 
and, if so, how many voted?  Was every 
tion of differing opinions in decision 
one represented during the vote?
making.  Members of the steering com 
mittee share the responsibility for making
Finally, realize that if you choose a par 
decisions for the rest of the group.  One
liamentary structure, there is a high like 
benefit of setting up your group this way
lihood that one or two people will be in
is that one or two people are not in charge
charge of making decisions that effect
of all the decisions.  Additionally, this
many people (although this may happen
often means that more than one or two
regardless of your structure).  Do they
people are responsible for getting the
consult with the group or make decisions
work done.
in a vacuum?  If they do not consult with
the group and if they make decisions that
There are usually at least five members of
are out of touch with the needs of group
a steering committee and there may be
members, then others will not be invested
twice that many.  Because there are
in the decisions.  If others are not invest 
greater numbers, it is even more impor 
ed in the decisions, they may either sabo 
tant to make sure that  there is a diverse
1 2
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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