L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Setting Goals
Collect brochures produced else 
where to be used as models.
The next step involves setting long and
short term goals.  If individual workers,
Once these goals and objectives have
members, and volunteers don t have the
been defined, it is important that we are
sense that their efforts are contributing to
reminded, in specific ways, how our work
some higher purpose, they will burn out
is contributing to the achievement of
and lose their enthusiasm.  It is important
those goals.  
that people in your group have a sense
that they are working toward something
We must additionally look at our past
concrete.  That something is of course
successes and failures.  We must use
dependent on what your specific group is
these experiences to help guide us in
doing.  However, no matter what the
making better decisions for the future.
focus   whether it be activist, social, or
These experiences should be shared with
other   take the time to develop goals
the entire group, both new and old.  This
and objectives.  This will give your group
will help to foster a sense of cohesiveness
some focus; something to work toward.
and make it easier to share the groups
For example:
vision with everyone.
There is one little problem.  What if your
To educate the campus community
agenda and other group members' agen 
about homophobia; and
das don't match?  Hopefully, as stated
before, if your group has taken the time to
To raise campus awareness about
do the work through the previous two
lgbt issues;
sections in a thoughtful manner, this
won't be an issue.  The first two sections
should have helped you to clarify who is
Produce a video about homophobia
in your group (and who is not in your
on campus;
group), and your group s purpose.  So
ideally your agendas will be the same, or
Regular advertisements in local
at the very least similar.   
It is more likely that the points of dis 
Distribute brochures in Spanish and
agreement will be found in differences
about how you should reach the goals
that you have set for yourself.  Different
Produce a series of educational
ideas about how you will work together
to accomplish your goals may surface. In
part, how you go about doing things is
Develop a time line and set priori 
dependent on your group s structure.  Are
you set up in a parliamentary fashion or is
it more of a "collective?"  These differ 
Raise the funds to print a brochure;
ences will be discussed further in the next
section, "What's Our Structure."
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