L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
experience than African American stu 
religious or are struggling with coming
dents, which is different than that of His 
out and their connection to their religion.
panic/Latino students, and so forth.  It is
It is important to remember to speak from
also important to remember that even
your own personal experience; not all
folks within the same group will have
religions are the same.  Many have
varying experiences.
changed over the years and some are
quite actively welcoming of lgbt people.
One way to be inclusive of people of col 
or is to contact your campus racial/minor 
How are disabled people represented in
ity affairs office and let them know that
your group?
people of color are welcome and encour 
This is a group that we have historically
aged to be a part of your organization.
ignored.  For too long we have not con 
Ask them for suggestions on how to iden 
sidered how accessible we are to people
tify and recruit people of color for your
with disabilities.  Where is your office?
group.  Post flyers in areas where people
Where are your meetings held?  Are they
of color are most likely to spend time.
accessible?  If not, can you make them
Ask people of color how your group can
best meet their needs.  They will let you
For many the inclusion of trans 
know.  Make sure that you then follow
gender people within the commu 
through to the best of your ability in mak 
nity is new.  Some are still unsure
ing sure that those suggestions are con 
what it means to be transgender.
How are people of different religions rep 
accessible or meet somewhere else?  Call
Another issue for lgbt groups to consider
your campus office of disabilities (or
is their inclusivity of people from differ 
Affirmative Action Office) and find out
ent religions.  This means that you should
how you can better reach and meet the
not plan meetings, social activities, or
needs of physically challenged lgbt peo 
other events on any groups  major holi 
days.  It is important to not assume that
Christianity is the norm (i.e.,  holiday
How are LGBT people represented?
party  rather than  Christmas Party ).
This seems like a silly question to be ask 
Some examples are Rosh Hashanah, Yom
ing in a manual designed for lgbt groups.
Kippur, Kwanza, and The Three Kings
However, it is a very important issue to
Day.  Keep these and others in mind
address.  How are each of these sub 
when planning your groups events.
groups represented in the main group?
Additionally, find out whether there are
Often there is an unequal representation.
certain dietary restrictions or other cus 
The most likely exclusion would be of
toms/rituals that people need to have
transgender and bisexual people.
attended to.  As always, if you don t
know, ask people what their needs are.
For many the inclusion of transgender
Another issue to be aware of is the ten 
people within the community is new.
dency for many folks in the lgbt commu 
Some are still unsure what it means to be
nity to make  anti religious comments.
transgender.  There is a range of people
This can be difficult for people who are
who identify as transgender:  people who
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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