L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
The existence of an lgbt caucus with 
prompted by the group s decision last
in virtually every higher
semester to advertise the meeting loca 
education/student affairs professional
tion; and
Rutgers University, where racist com 
Homophobic backlash has made its pres 
ments made by the university presi 
ence felt on numerous campuses during
dent last fall have sparked intense dis 
1994 95.  A sampling of campus inci 
cussion and debate about the campus
dents the Campus Project has been moni 
climate not only for people of color
but for lgbt people, as well. 
Indiana University, where a right wing
Republican state legislator attempted
These examples do not begin to fathom
to block funding for a newly approved
the range of incidents and issues that con 
lgbt resource center.  Fortunately the
tinue to affect the educational and work
center is up and running, but with pri 
experiences of lgbt people on America s
vate funding rather than the originally
college and university campuses.  And
appropriated state funds;
they don t even account for the effects of
the 104th Congress, the Republican Par 
Stephen F. Austin College (Texas),
ty's Contract With America and the
where the student government, con 
Christian Coalition's Contract With The
trolled by right wing students, voted to
American Family on the quality of cam 
de fund and strip official recognition
pus life.  
from the lgbt student group.  Fortu 
nately the president of the college
In the face of these and other challenges,
intervened and the group s funding and
the NGLTF Campus Project, in concert
recognition were secured;
with the organizational colleagues repre 
sented in this manual, remains committed
University of New Mexico, where, in
to assisting in the formation, develop 
November, 1994, $20,000 worth of
ment and long term health of lgbt stu 
journals addressing gay & lesbian
dent, faculty and staff organizations.
issues and feminism were destroyed or
This work is not an end in itself, of
stolen from the library and replaced
course.  We are equally dedicated to
with Nazi books, including titles such
engaging ever increasing numbers of
as  Pens under the Swastika .  The
campus activists, especially students, in
incident is reportedly part of a string of
lgbt concerns beyond the campus.
hate crimes that have recently plagued
We at NGLTF hope that this organizing
manual is as interesting and fun to use as
Notre Dame University, where the lgbt
it was to create.  We welcome your feed 
student organization is being prohibit 
back and suggestions on how to improve
ed from meeting on campus, despite
it.  We hope it will be a useful tool for you
nearly a decade of solid community
in your organizing efforts.
participation and on campus meetings
in the university counseling center.
Student leaders were informed that the
Catholic university s action was
i v
I n t r o d u c t i o n


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