A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
When Curt met Felice and learned of the
Over 20 professionally staffed campus
work she was doing, he asked her to col 
lgbt resource centers, five of which
laborate on writing a more comprehen 
have been established in the past year;
sive manual to be published and distrib 
uted by NGLTF.  After consulting with
At least 240 campuses guided by
many activists across the United States
nondiscrimination policies that include
on what such a document should contain,
sexual orientation;
reading similar organizing manuals by
different groups, and trying out some of
Nearly 1200 campus organizations for
these materials in various workshops, this
lgbt students, faculty and staff (repre 
manual was born.  
senting more than 600 different cam 
puses) as monitored by the NGLTF
Purpose of the Manual
Campus Project;
This manual, the first written product of
At least 30 campuses with "hard" (i.e.,
NGLTF s Policy Institute, is designed as a
health) benefits for the domestic part 
tool to assist campus organizers and
ners of lesbian and gay college and
activists with their organizing efforts,
university employees and over 60
whether they are trying to establish a new
with "soft" benefits (i.e., library and
lgbt student group on campus or launch 
recreation center privileges);
ing a campaign for domestic partner
health benefits.  The manual is a compila 
A proliferation of courses in lgbt stud 
tion of contributions from a variety of
individuals and organizations.  While
some of the material contained here was
The start up of New England Network
composed expressly for this purpose, to
(NEnet), one of several regional and
avoid unnecessarily re inventing the
statewide lgbt student coalitions
wheel, much of it was collected   with
around the country (e.g., Midwest,
permission and with credit given   from
Texas, University of California Sys 
other sources.  The Policy Institute
temwide, Upstate New York); and
regards the manual as a work in progress
and will incorporate suggestions, new
ideas, and updated resource lists into sub 
sequent editions. 
Our Work In Context
The 1994 95 academic year has been an
eventful one on America s college cam 
puses, where, just as in the broader lgbt
community of communities, progress has
been accompanied by backlash.  At this
writing, homophobia is alive and well on
our campuses despite the existence of: 
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
I n t r o d u c t i o n
M     i i i


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