L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Instead, student groups were expending
spend so much time on the event that
large amounts of time and energy simply
their school work suffers, while others
keeping themselves together, having to
become resentful and bitter about the
re invent or re establish their groups year
"apathy" among other lgbts on the cam 
after year as people graduated or, with
pus.  They may or may not have a suc 
disturbing frequency, became burned out.
cessful event, but burned out, angry and
On campus after campus, the yearly cycle
depressed, some in the small group
was the same:  The school year begins
decide it wasn t worth all the effort and
and a small group of lgbt people some 
they walk away, never to return.
how find their way to each other.  Perhaps
there s an officially recognized lgbt orga 
And the next year, the cycle repeats
nization, perhaps there are some officers
in place, selected the previous Spring,
With this pattern in mind, Curt Shepard,
who was selected to direct the Campus
Project from a NGLTF field office in Los
Angeles, identified the Project s primary
goal:  to foster the growth of campus
organizations that are healthy, effective
and equipped to participate meaningfully
in improving the quality of life for lgbt
people in academe.  Meanwhile, Felice
Yeskel, Founder and Director of the
Stonewall Center:  A Lesbian, Gay,
and perhaps there s a meager budget.  In
Bisexual and Transgender Educational
any case, this small group of people are
Resource Center (formerly the UMass,
beginning the year without benefit of a
Amherst Program for Gay, Lesbian and
road map   whoever was recording the
Bisexual Concerns), had been providing
activities of the previous year(s) took the
training and consulting to campuses
notebook with him when he left and no
across the country since 1984.  She and
one knows where he is.  The newly
NGLTF's Kevin Berrill conducted
selected "leader," if in place at all, is clue 
numerous day long organizing work 
less about how to attract members, run
shops at national and regional confer 
meetings, make decisions, and plan activ 
ities or events.  It s not her fault; no one
knew to take the time to groom or prepare
In 1989, Felice began work on a manual
to try to communicate the lessons she had
learned from years of organizing at
And so, somehow, the group pulls itself
UMass, Amherst and from consulting
together to do something   maybe a
nationwide.  Earlier drafts of this manual,
dance, maybe a speakers series, maybe a
published by DiversityWorks, Inc. under
pride celebration   but since they don t
the title  Making Change on Campus: An
really know how to go about attracting
Organizing Manual for Lesbian, Gay and
new members or enlisting volunteers for
Bisexual Students, Staff and Faculty, 
various tasks, the small group ends up
received widespread positive feedback.
doing everything themselves.  Some
i i
I n t r o d u c t i o n


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