Background, Purpose & Context
Board of Directors agreed to explore
ways of fully funding the Campus Pro 
In the spring of 1993, the National Gay
and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) reded 
icated itself to addressing the issues and
As part of this exploration, the Board
concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and
authorized a study to determine how
transgender (lgbt) people on America s
NGLTF could be of assistance to organiz 
college and university campuses.
ing efforts on college and university cam 
Although the Campus Project was
puses.  Telephone interviews and campus
launched by Kevin Berrill (to whom this
visits with lgbt students, faculty and staff
manual is dedicated) in 1987, limited
from dozens of institutions across the
resources prevented the organization
country revealed a consistently low level
from fully funding or fully staffing the
of functioning on the part of most lgbt
program.  Between 1991 with Berrill s
campus organizations.  This research
retirement from NGLTF and 1993, the
revealed that student groups in particular
Campus Project was maintained by a
were rarely engaged in efforts to bring
corps of dedicated volunteers.  Realizing
lgbt subject matter into the curriculum.
that the demand for support and assis 
They were not strategizing for domestic
tance from campus activists was over 
partner health benefits.  They were not
whelming the capacity of NGLTF to
marshaling resources to end ROTC dis 
respond, and recognizing the organiza 
crimination.  Nor were they participating
tion s responsibility to young people
effectively in efforts to defend lgbt com 
within the lgbt movement, as well as the
munities from attacks from the radical
historical role of campus activism in
social change movements, the NGLTF
To Kevin Berrill, the pioneering activist who, as a staff member of NGLTF from 1980 to 1990,
brought the serious issue of anti LGBT violence to the attention of our community and of the
country at large.  It was through Kevin's pathfinding work that he began to interact with student,
faculty and staff organizers and activists, who sought his assistance in dealing with harassment and
violence on college and university campuses.  Thus was born NGLTF's Campus Project.
Although he has moved on to other pursuits, Kevin's influence can be detected on every page of
this manual.  We are grateful for his inspiration, wisdom and friendship.
And to the brave lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender campus activists who are trans 
forming colleges and universities all across the country.
I n t r o d u c t i o n     M     i


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