More Background:  DP Benefits in the Context of the LGBT Movement
page 271
Definition of Domestic Partner
page 271
Current State of Employee Domestic Partner Health Benefits
page 272
Domestic Partner Organizing Suggestions
page 272
Anticipating Arguments Against Domestic Partner Benefits
page 273
Appendix A:  Health Benefits
page 276
Appendix B:  Recommendations
page 277
Appendix C:  Resources
page 279
Appendix D:  Sample Affidavit
page 280
Chapter 15: Organizing for LGBT Studies
page 283
Starting a LGBT Survey Course
page 283
LGBT Perspectives in Mainstream Courses
page 284
LGBT Studies Programs
page 285
Chapter 16: Organizing Floors in Residence Halls
page 289
History of 2 in 20 Floors
page 289
Assess the Campus Climate
page 289
Developing a Proposal
page 290
page 291
page 291
Comunity Development
page 291
page 292
page 293
Organizing on Your Campus
page 293
Chapter 17:  The Radical Right
page 295
Tips on Responding to the Right Wing
page 296
Countering Right Wing Rhetoric
page 301
How to Win:  A Practical Guide for Defeating the Radical Right Locally
page 303
Notes from a Campus Campaign Coordinator
page 306
Section III:  Resources
page 320
State by State
page 323
page 327
Campus Coalitions
page 329
Campus Resource Offices
page 330


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