Basic Programming Guidelines
page 193
AIDS Resources for Colleges and Universities
page 194
Chapter 10:  Faculty/Staff Organizing
page 199
Issues to Consider When Getting Started
page 199
Once Formed, Now What?
page 201
page 203
Chapter 11:  Alumni/ae Organizing
page 205
How to Start a LGBT Alumni/ae Association
page 205
What is NetGALA?
page 207
Chapter 12:  Establishing a LGBT Resource Center
page 213
What Are Your School's Needs?
page 213
Embracing Diversity within LGBT Communities
page 213
Working with Other LGBT Groups on Campus
page 214
Building Coalitions with other Under represented Groups
page 214
Setting Boundaries
page 214
Furnishing Your Center
page 215
Reading and Research Materials
page 216
Paying Attention to the Administration
page 217
Checklist for Developing and Running a LGBT Resources Center
page 217
Questions and Answers
page 227
Appendix A:  Sample Proposal for a Resources Center
page 230
Appendix B:  Booklist
page 237
Chapter 13:  Ending ROTC Discrimination 
(A case study)
page 239
A Brief History of the Anti ROTC Movement
page 239
ROTC as an Issue of Educational Opportunity
page 241
Freedom Project Los Angeles
page 241
Appendix A:  Statement of Conscience
page 245
Appendix B:  Questions and Answers
page 247
Appendix C:  Chancellor's Letter
page 250
Appendix D:  Press Coverage
page 251
Appendix E:  Progress Report
page 259
Appendix F:  National Coming Out Day Events
page 263
Chapter 14:  Domestic Partner (Health) Benefit s
page 269
page 269


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