Giving Support
page 90
Electronic Organizing
page 93
Appendix A:  Lists and Web Sites
page 99
Chapter 4:  Making Change
page 101
What Do We Want?
page 102
What's Wrong with What We Have?
page 104
How Do We Get from What We Have to What We Want?
page 105
Appendix A:  Campus Life Studies
page 112
Appendix B:  Sample Survey
page 113
Chapter 6:  Educating Your Campus
page 119
Speakers Bureaus
page 119
Educational Programming
page 135
Film and Video
page 136
Printed Materials
page 139
Appendix A:  Evaluation
page 140
Appendix B:  Seminar Series
page 142
Appendix C:  Thematic Programming
page 143
Appendix D:  Film List
page 145
Appendix E:  Pamphlets and Posters
page 153
Chapter 7:  Organizing for a Non Discrimination Policy
page 161
page 161
Strategies for Activists
page 162
Profiles of Successful Organizing Efforts
page 165
Appendix A:  Campus Non discrimination Policies
page 171
Chapter 8:  Organizing Against Hate
page 175
page 175
Impact of Bias Incidents
page 176
The Campus Responses
page 177
Strategies for Activists
page 177
Appendices A C:  Anti Violence Resources 
page 187
Chapter 9:  Responding to AIDS
page 191
The Role of LGBT Campus Organizations
page 192


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